(A)   Special event permits will be issued upon City Council approval. The Council may attach reasonable conditions to the permit as are deemed necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare. Such conditions may pertain to any of the following:
      (1)   Location and hours during which the event may be held;
      (2)   Sanitation/availability of potable water;
      (3)   Security/crowd management;
      (4)   Parking and traffic issues;
      (5)   Emergency and medical services;
      (6)   Clean-up of premises and surrounding area/trash disposal;
      (7)   Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per event. All required policies shall name the city as an additional insured. Applicants shall agree to defend and indemnify the city from any and all claims;
      (8)   Lighting;
      (9)   Fire service/safety;
      (10)   Temporary construction, barricades/fencing;
      (11)   Removal of advertising/promotional materials;
      (12)   Noise levels;
      (13)   Alcohol consumption;
      (14)   Any other conditions which the Council deems necessary.
   (B)   Upon Council approval, the City Clerk shall issue a permit to the person(s) named in the permit application. The permit shall clearly state the conditions, if any, imposed by the Council. Copies of the permit shall be posted in three prominent locations during the special event.
Penalty, see § 118.99