(A)   None of the items offered for sale shall have been obtained for resale or received on consignment for sale.
   (B)   Any garage or rummage sale (community or neighborhood sale) shall be conducted solely within the boundaries of the property owned or occupied by the occupant who is conducting the sale.
   (C)   There shall be no more than four garage or rummage sales conducted at any one premises during any period of 12 calendar months.
   (D)   No garage or rummage sale shall be conducted during any part of more than three consecutive days.
   (E)   No garage or rummage sale may be conducted before 7:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m.
   (F)   Any related signage shall be limited to the premises and to other residential property, provided permission from the property owner is obtained, and shall be removed at the termination of the sale. Signs shall be limited to four square feet.
   (G)   There shall be no more than two consecutive sales with 30-day separation between all others.
Penalty, see § 117.99