(A)   A local permit may be revoked or temporarily suspended for a violation by the gambling organization of any state statute, state rule or city ordinance relating to gambling.
   (B)   A license shall not be revoked or suspended until written notice and an opportunity for a hearing have first been given to the permitted person. The notice shall be personally served or sent by registered mail. If the person refuses to accept notice, notice of the violation shall be served by posting it on the premises. Notice shall state the provision reasonably believed to be violated and shall state that the permitted person may demand a hearing on the matter, in which case the permit will not be suspended until after the hearing is held. If the permitted person requests a hearing, the Council shall hold a hearing on the matter no more than seven business days after the date on which the request is made. If, as a result of the hearing, the Council finds that an ordinance violation exists, then the Council may suspend or revoke the permit.