§ 112.53 OPERATION.
   (A)   Manager. The municipal liquor store shall be in the immediate charge of a Liquor Store Manager selected by the Council and paid compensation as is fixed by the Council. The Manager shall not be a person who would be prohibited by law or any provision of this chapter from being eligible for an intoxicating liquor license. The Manager shall furnish a surety bond to the city, conditioned upon the faithful discharge of the duties of the office, in a sum as specified by the Council. The bond premium may be paid by the city or the Manager, in the discretion of the Council. The Manager shall operate the municipal liquor store under the Council's direction and shall perform those duties in connection with the store as may be established by the Council. The Manager shall be responsible to the Council for the conduct of the store in full compliance with this chapter and with the laws relating to the sale of intoxicating liquor and 3.2 percent malt liquor.
   (B)   Other employees. The Council may also appoint additional employees as may be required and shall fix their compensation. All employees, including the Manager, shall hold their positions at the pleasure of the Council. No person under the age of 18 shall be employed in the store. The Council may require the employees to furnish surety bonds conditioned for the faithful discharge of their duties in a sum as specified by the Council. The premium on the bond may be paid by the city or the employees, as the Council determines.
   (C)   Municipal liquor store fund. All of the revenues received from the operation of a municipal liquor store shall be deposited in a municipal liquor store fund from which all ordinary operating expenses, including compensation of the Manager and employees, shall be paid. Surpluses accumulating in the fund may be transferred to the general fund of the city or to any other appropriate fund of the city by resolution of the Council, and may be expended for any municipal purpose. The handling of municipal liquor store receipts and disbursements shall comply with the procedure prescribed by law and charter for the receipts and disbursements of city funds generally.
   (D)   Financial statement. The Council shall provide within 90 days following the end of the calendar year for publication a balance sheet using generally accepted accounting procedures and a statement of operations of the municipal liquor store for that year. The balance sheet and statement shall be published in accordance with the provisions of M.S. § 471.6985, as it may be amended from time to time.
   (E)   Hours of operation. The hours during which the sale of intoxicating liquor may be sold shall be as provided in § 112.33. No person, other than the Manager or a store employee, may remain in the municipal liquor store longer than one-half hour after the time when the sale of intoxicating liquor must cease.
Penalty, see § 112.99