(a)   General Duties and Powers.  The Contractor Board of Review shall have the following general duties and powers:
      (1)   To make, adopt, and from time to time, alter its own rules or procedures for the conduct of its meetings and proceedings.
      (2)   To select its own officers in accordance with the by-laws adopted by the board.
      (3)   To perform other related duties required either by this building code or as directed by the Chief Building and Zoning Official.
      (4)   To adjudicate a complaint filed with the Contractor Board of Review against a Building Division registered OCIEB license specialty contractor, the holder of a Building Division issued registration. Such a complaint, however, shall be within the limits of the authority, competence, concern, intention, or responsibility of the Contractor Board of Review receiving the complaint.
      (5)   To suspend or revoke the relevant Building Division issued registration or registration of a contractor who, after notification and hearing:
         A.   Shall have been found to have violated the terms of this Chapter;
         B.   Shall have failed to obtain proper permits or failed to obtain inspection as required by the applicable building code relating to the inspection and approval of such work, within the city; or
         C.   Shall have been shown to be persistent and habitual violators of the laws of the state, the provisions of this building code or other ordinances of the city relating to the construction, installation or repair of buildings within the City.
   (b)   In the event there ceases to be an approved testing agency to provide the examination(s) required by Chapter 1371, the Chief Building and Zoning Official shall immediately notify, in writing, the Contractor Board of Review. The Chief Building and Zoning Official shall also issue a statement, in writing, of policy and procedure to be used until such time an approved testing agency has been identified by the Chief Building and Zoning Official.
(Ord. C33-02.  Passed 4-15-02.)