(a)   A Building Division registered home improvement general or limited contractor, a registered sewer contractor, a registered OCIEB licensed specialty contractor, a registered demolition contractor and a registered certified fire alarm and detection and/or fire protection company, with proper and current registration, may do work as a sub-contractor of a primary contractor or registrant who has proper and current registration and who has a permit to do the work. The sub-contractor shall not be required to obtain a second permit and pay fees based on the number of devices, etc., already paid for by the primary contractor or registrant. The sub-contractor shall obtain a permit to do that part of the work being sub-contracted and shall pay the relevant minimum fee indicated in the fee schedule.
   The registration and certification requirements of the sub-contracting company shall coincide with that of the primary contracting company as required to cover that work being sub-contracted.
   (b)   The sub-contractor's permit application shall be made in the name of the sub-contractor and shall indicate all of the following information:
      (1)   The work to be sub-contracted;
      (2)   Shall identify the primary contractor or registrant;
      (3)   The permit number issued to the primary contractor or registrant; and
      (4)   Under the miscellaneous space, state "sub-contractor."
   (c)   Both the primary contractor and the sub-contractor, or the primary registrant and the sub-registrant, shall be responsible for the work as regulated by the City Building Code.
(Ord. C33-02.  Passed 4-15-02.)