(a)   Permits. No person shall commence or proceed with the installation, alteration or repair of any electrical equipment in or about any building in the City without first obtaining from the Building Inspector, a permit to do such work. No permit shall be required for such work as repairing drop cords, repairing existing heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating equipment, and provided that in cases where an emergency or urgent necessity exists such electrical work may be proceeded with, prior to the obtaining of a permit, if a person obtains the necessary permit as soon as the office of the Inspector is open for business. Correct information shall be furnished by the applicant for a permit on blanks furnished by the Inspector, giving the location of the premises, by house number, where work is to be done, name of owner, number of outlets or fixtures, motors or other equipment and any other information pertaining to the work that may be required.
(Ord. C56-69. Passed 12-1-69.)
   (b)   Residential & Tenant Space Improvement Fees. The base fee for an electrical permit shall be $25.00 plus the following:
      (1)   The service entrance fee shall be $0.05 per ampere rating of the switch for each permanent and/or temporary service.
      (2)   The first 100 outlets and fixtures, including switches and receptacles shall be $0.50 each. Over 100 outlets and fixtures including switches and receptacles shall be $0.35 each.
      (3)   Fees for ventilating fans, dishwashers, disposals, furnaces, electric hotwater tanks, dryers, ranges and ovens shall be $2.00 each.
      (4)   All motor outlets:  $1.50 each
         connected solid:  $1.50 each
         including motors, generators, rectifiers and air-conditioners.
      (5)   Radiant panel heater: Each radiant panel shall have a minimum fee of $5.00 per panel up to and including ten panels. For over ten panels, the fee shall be $3.00 per panel. Maximum fee for any one dwelling unit shall be $50.00.
(Ord. C22-76. Passed 2-2-76; Ord. C30-88. Passed 5-16-88; Ord. C25-94. Passed 4-18-94; Ord. C78-97. Passed 1-5-98.)
   (c)   Commercial & Industrial Fees:
      (1)   New Construction:
         1 to 12,000 sq. ft.:  $0.05 per sq. ft.
         12,001 sq. ft. and over:  $0.005 per sq. ft.
         Maximum fee:  $2,000.00 plus 3% state fee.
      (2)   Smoke & Fire Alarm Fees:
         1 thru 5 stations:  $100.00
         6 thru 20 stations:  $150.00
         Over 20 stations:  $200.00
         All fees - plus 3% state fee.
   (d)   Double Fees. The amount of any and all fees as herein established shall be doubled if any electrical work for installation has been commenced before an application for a permit for such work is obtained, as provided for under subsection (a) hereof.
   The above fees shall cover the visit of inspection made necessary by the progress of the work. When extra inspections are made because of the work being found not in accordance with the provisions of the Building Code or because of inaccurate information furnished by the applicant for a permit, a fee of thirty five dollars ($35.00) may be charged for each additional trip made by the Inspector.
   (e)   Revocation; Notice. Each permit issued by the Inspector shall be subject to revocation by the Inspector whenever it appears that such work is being so constructed as to violate any of the terms or conditions of this Building Code, or any other subsection hereof or any State statute relating to the installing of electrical work in buildings. Revocation of the permit shall be in writing and served upon the owner or upon the superintendent or contractor in charge of the work and posted upon the building or structure for which such permit was granted. From and after revocation of the permit and the posting of such notice, all work of every kind and character that will prevent or obstruct the necessary changes or additions to the electrical work on such building or structure, shall be discontinued.
(Ord. C69-66. Passed 12-5-66; Ord. C78-97. Passed 1-5-98.)