Pursuant to Ohio R.C. 731.231, there is hereby adopted by reference as if fully set out at length herein, the National Electric Code, 1975 edition, and all subsequent changes or additions thereto for the purpose of regulating all electrical materials and installations in all buildings in the City, with the following additions: All single dwellings, twin single dwellings and duplex dwellings shall have a weatherproof receptacle in the front and back of the dwelling. The receptacle in the front of the dwelling shall be no less than forty-two inches above the plane of the front door threshold and not over eighteen inches from the door opening. The receptacle in the back of the dwelling shall be no less than forty-eight inches from the ground, the porch surface or the patio surface. All single dwellings, double dwellings and duplex dwellings shall have electric range and electric dryer outlets installed at the time of construction. All dwellings with a slab floor will have installed at the time of construction a three wire No. 10 American Wire Gage cable with ground from the distribution panel to an accessible place in the attic. The cable in the attic must be attached to the roof rafters of the dwelling. Six copies of the Code shall be kept on file in the office of the Clerk of Council from whom additional copies may be purchased at cost; one copy shall be filed at the County Law Library.