1341.05   LICENSE; FEE.
   (a)   No person shall install, erect, alter, repair, reset or replace any warm-air, steam or hot-water heating plant, plants or parts thereof, or winter or summer air conditioning or ventilating systems within the corporate limits unless the person is the holder of a license then in force, issued by the City, giving the person the right to perform or supervise the work or unless the person has then in his employ a holder of a license then in force supervising the work. The license shall be obtained by request therefor to the Building Department and such request shall be accompanied by a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) and proof of holding a valid heating, ventilating, air conditioning contractor's license issued by either the State, any State certified city building department or Franklin County.
(Ord. C29-82. Passed 5-3-82.)
   In addition thereto, the licensee shall furnish proof of premises operations liability insurance with a minimum combined bodily injury and property damage limit of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) or equivalent.
(Ord. C25-94. Passed 4-18-94.)
   There shall be a ten dollar ($10.00), one-time license, charged per year for those contractors who do not regularly do work within the corporate limits of the City. If, during such year, there is need for another permit, then the remaining forty dollars ($40.00) shall be charged as stated in the paragraph above.
(Ord. C30-88. Passed 5-16-88.)
   (b)   Any person who performs any heating, ventilating, air conditioning installation or other heating, ventilating, air conditioning work for hire, or without hire, for another person, shall be subject to the provisions of Section 1301.99.
(Ord. C29-82. Passed 5-3-82.)