(a)   Except as permitted in this section, no person shall construct, install, alter or repair any plumbing, drain, vent, sump, water closet, sink, lavatory or any other plumbing fixture within the City without first obtaining a permit from the Building Division to do such work and no owner or person having charge of any property within the City shall cause or allow any such work to be done on the premises without a permit having first been obtained.
   Permits may be obtained only by a registered plumber or by an occupying owner performing work of plumbing in a single dwelling unit.
   This section shall not apply nor shall any permit be required in case of repairs not affecting sanitation, such as mending leaks in faucets, valves or water supply pipes, mending broken fixtures,  releasing frozen pipes or rodding and flushing any house sewer or drain.
   Piping for manufacturing, scientific research and testing, other than soil or liquid waste piping and all railroad installations are exempt from the permit and inspection requirements of this chapter, and shall conform to the applicable sections of the Ohio Plumbing Code.
(Ord. C61-66. Passed 12-5-66.)
   (b)   No person, firm, organization or corporation shall do or cause to be done any of the acts herein prohibited or fail, refuse or neglect to do any of the acts for any person, firm, organization or corporation to do or cause to be done or commence or to install or construct any plumbing fixture or waste pipe of any kind without first obtaining a permit from the Building Division.
(Ord. 281.)
   (c)   Two sets of plans with isometric drawings of plumbing for all commercial, industrial, or dwelling units of four family or more, shall be submitted and approved before any work is started.  An approved set of drawings shall be available on the job site.
      (1)   Plan review fee shall be the following:
         1-25:  Fixtures; $30.00
         26-50:  Fixtures; $60.00
         51-75:  Fixtures; $90.00
         Over 76:  Fixtures; $120.00
   (d)   The plans and specifications required by this regulations shall contain sufficient detail and information to allow a clear understanding of the proposed plumbing work.  When such plans and specifications do not contain the necessary information and details, or if after review and investigation, alterations or revisions are required, additional, supplemental, or revised plans and specifications and other data shall be submitted upon notification by the Building Division.
   (e)   After review of the plans and specifications submitted, one copy shall be retained and filed in the Building Division, and the other copy shall be returned to the person who submitted such plans and specifications.  The returned plans shall be marked to show the approval or disapproval of such plans.  No plumbing work shall be installed except in exact accordance with the approved plans. When any change or modification is deemed necessary or desirable, such change or modification shall be incorporated in revised plans and specifications and shall be submitted to the Building Division in the same manner as is required for original plans.
   (f)   (1)   Permit fees shall be the following for Residential:
         First fixture outlet:  $50.00
         Each additional fixture or fixture outlet:  $10.00
         Hot water heater replacement:  $50.00
      (2)   Permit fees shall be the following for Commercial & Industrial:
         First fixture outlet  $60.00
         Each additional fixture or fixture outlet  $12.00
(Ord. C25-94. Passed 4-18-94; Ord. C78-97. Passed 1-5-98.)
      (3)   Plan Review Fees.  The amount of any and all fees, as hereinbefore established, shall be doubled if any plumbing work has been commenced before an application for a permit for such work has been filed with the Building Inspector. However, this double fee shall not apply to any emergency or urgent necessity work if a permit for the work is obtained as provided for.
(Ord. C29-82. Passed 5-3-82; Ord. C30-88. Passed 5-16-88; Ord. C104-04.  Passed 12-6-04.)