The following department requirements must be fulfilled and approved prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy:
   (a)   Building Department. The building or structure is constructed and completed as per plans and specifications.
   (b)   Water Department. The curb box and water valve are installed properly.
   (c)   Street Department. The curb, driveway approach and public sidewalk are free from cracks and constructed as per the requirements of the City.
   (d)   Sewer Department. All manholes and sewers located on private property are free from debris and installed properly and to grade.
   (e)   Engineering Department. All final grades are completed as per accepted plot and grading plans.
   (f)   Jackson Township Fire Department. The location of fire extinguishers, exit signs and the acceptance of any required fire fighting apparatus.
(Ord. C29-79. Passed 4-23-79.)