(a)   An inspection fee as prescribed in the fee schedule is required to inspect a building for the purpose of checking for compliance with, or a change of occupancy of any existing building when no work is proposed which would otherwise require a building permit.
   (b)   A site which requires an initial inspection, annual inspection or both for licensing by a city, state or other government agency such as, but not limited to, a nursing home, rest home, day care center, dance hall, hospital, group home, residential care facility, or school shall be assessed a fee as prescribed in the fee schedule.
   (c)   After Hours Inspection. Any permit holder may request an after hours inspection. Such inspection may be approved by the building official when an emergency condition exists or when special or unusual circumstances prohibit an inspection during normal hours. An after hours inspection fee as prescribed in the fee schedule shall be charged in addition to any other fee which may be charged and the base fee must be paid prior to any type of special inspection.
(Ord. C33-02.  Passed 4-15-02; Ord. C110-08.  Passed 12-1-08.)