Each permit issued by the Building Division shall be subject to revocation whenever it appears that such building or structure is being so constructed that the same or any part thereof, encroaches upon any street, alley or other public place, or is being so constructed as to violate any of the terms or conditions of the Building Code or any other ordinance of the City of any State statue relating to the location, erection, alteration or repair of buildings. The revocation of the permit shall be in writing and served upon the owner of the superintendent or contractors in charge of the work and posted upon the building or structure for which the permit was granted, and from and after revocation of the permit and the posting of notice, all work of every kind and character on the building or structure shall be discontinued.
(Ord. C33-02.  Passed 4-15-02; Ord. C110-08. Passed 12-1-08.)