The Building Division shall refuse a building permit to an applicant who has:
   (a)   Outstanding and unpaid judgments against them arising from or growing out of failure to perform work under a construction contract or failure to perform work in a good and workmanlike manner;
   (b)   Previously obtained a building permit by making material misrepresentations.
   (c)   Previously performed work on a premises knowing that the permit therefore was obtained by material fraudulent misrepresentations.
   (d)   Previously performed construction in any unworkmanship manner. See Section 1321.04.
   (e)   Failure to comply with a written directive from the City pertaining to building, site improvement or landscaping or any other violation of City ordinances.
(Ord. C33-02.  Passed 4-15-02; Ord. C110-08.  Passed 12-1-08.)