(a)   Each application for a permit shall be accompanied by four sets of plans and specifications for residential applications.
   (b)   Each application for a permit shall be accompanied by four sets of plans and specifications for commercial applications.
   (c)   Plans and specifications for buildings shall be prepared by a licensed architect, engineer or qualified draftsman and be drawn to scale upon a substantial paper or cloth or via approved electronic format of sufficient clarity to indicate the nature and extent of the work proposed and to show in detail that it will conform to the provisions of the Building Code and all relevant laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.
   The first sheet of each set of plans shall give the lot number and subdivision name, the street address of the work and the name of the owner or agent and person who prepared them. Plans shall include a plot plan signed by a registered surveyor showing the location of the proposed building and of every existing building adjacent on the property and shall conform to Section 1141.06 of the Zoning Code.
   The outline of the proposed building shall be staked out on the ground by a registered surveyor with sufficient permanency that the Inspector may determine that the footers and walls are constructed according to the layout stakes.
   (d)   For one, two and three-family dwellings, occupancies and buildings or structures accessory thereto, plans need not be prepared by a licensed architect or engineer, but all other provisions herein shall apply to such plans.
   (e)   Plans and specifications need not be submitted for small and unimportant work when authorized by the Chief Building and Zoning Official.
   (f)   For all commercial projects, electronic documents containing as-built plans and specifications shall be submitted within 30 days of completion of construction.  Such documents shall be submitted in a format approved by the Chief Building Official.
(Ord. C33-02.  Passed 4-15-02; Ord. C110-08.  Passed 12-1-08.)