To be eligible for appointment, the Chief Building and Zoning Official shall be an architect or professional engineer registered in the State of Ohio, having at least five years' experience in building construction and design or a person having at least ten years' experience in building construction, design or inspection. He or she shall be generally informed about the quality and strength of building materials, the prevailing methods of building construction, good practice in fire prevention, the accepted requirements for safe exit facilities and the proper installation of plumbing, electrical wiring, elevators and other installations for the safety, comfort and convenience of occupants. He or she shall be in good health and physically capable of making the necessary examinations and inspections of buildings in the course of construction. He or she shall not have any interest whatever, directly or indirectly, in the sale or manufacture of any material, process or device entering into or used in connection with building construction.
(Ord. C64-75. Passed 9-2-75; Ord. C22-01. Passed 4-2-01.)