(a)   The Chief Building and Zoning Official shall be the head of the Division of Building Regulation and have the management of all matters and affairs pertaining thereto.
   (b)   He or she shall prescribe rules and regulations for the persons engaged in the service of the Division. Such persons shall do and perform such duties as he or she may require or direct and be under his or her direction, supervision and control.
   (c)   He or she shall be charged with the survey and inspection of buildings and structures and with the enforcement of all parts of this Building Code.
   (d)   He or she shall enforce all other laws and ordinances on the same subject matter.
(Ord. 281.)
   (e)   He or she shall be in charge of the examination and approval of all plans and specifications before a permit may be issued and sign and issue all permits, certificates and notices required by this Building Code.
(Ord. C19-80. Passed 4-21-80.)
   (f)   He or she shall keep proper record showing the location, value and character of every building, structure or other work for which a certificate or permit is issued and a copy of every report or inspection of a building, structure or work with the name of the inspector making the inspection and the date thereof.
   (g)   He or she shall make a monthly report to the Director of Public Safety, on or before the tenth day of each month, of the number of permits or certificates issued during the preceding calendar month and the estimated value of construction of the buildings, structures or works for which the permits or certificates were issued and any further information that may be required by the Director.
   (h)   The determination of value or valuation under any of the provisions of this Building Code shall be made by the Inspector.
(Ord. 281.)
(Ord. C22-01. Passed 4-2-01.)