(a)   There is established in the City the Division of Building Regulation which shall be under the jurisdiction of the Director of Public Safety.
   (b)   The Division shall consist of a Chief Building and Zoning Official and such deputies and assistant inspectors as may be provided by Council. No person engaged in the services of the Division shall, during the term of his or her office, enter into any contract for building for others or for furnishing materials.
(Ord. C45-66. Passed 7-11-66.)
   (c)   The Division, under the immediate supervision of the Chief Building and Zoning Official, shall be responsible for the examination of plans, the issuance or denial of permits under applicable provisions of the ordinances and codes of the City and State laws. He or she further shall be charged with the responsibility of the inspection of buildings, examination and condemnation of buildings and such other powers as are now or may hereafter be conferred upon the Division or the employees thereof by the ordinances of this City or State laws.
   (d)   The Division shall be further charged with the construction and inspection of all public improvements when so directed by ordinance or executive order.
(Ord. C30-60.)
(Ord. C22-01. Passed 4-2-01.)