Pursuant to Charter Section 2.13, the following Building Codes are hereby adopted by reference and made a part of the Grove City Building Code as if they are herein set out in full.
   (a)   For one, two and three-family non-industrialized units, the Residential Code of Ohio, 2019 Edition, One and Two-Family Dwelling Code, most current edition and all amendments and supplements thereto, with the exception of Section R105.2 (1), (2), (5) and (7).  (Ord. C02-11.  Passed 2-7-11; Ord. C09-13. Passed 2-19-13; Ord. C30-19.  Passed 7-1-19.)
   (b)   For all other construction, the Ohio Building Code and Ohio Mechanical Code of the Ohio Administrative Code, and Ohio Plumbing Code, 2017 editions, as issued by the Department of Commerce of the State of Ohio, shall represent minimum standards for all buildings and structures other than one, two and three-family units constructed and erected in the City.  (Ord. C02-11.  Passed 2-7-11; Ord. C59-11.  Passed 11-7-11; Ord. C09-13. Passed 2-19-13; Ord. C16-18.  Passed 4-2-18.)
      (Ord. C18-80. Passed 4-21-80; Ord. C70-93. Passed 9-7-93; Ord. C25-94. Passed 4-18-94; Ord. C14-98. Passed 3-16-98; Ord. C17-01. Passed 3-19-01; Ord. C55-04.  Passed 7-6-04.)