(a)   The owner and/or developer of the plot or tract of land to be developed agrees:
      (1)   That he will make no conveyance of any lot or parcel smaller in frontage or area than indicated on the plat, except for the purpose of increasing the area of another lot.
      (2)   That all construction work and materials used in connection with the public improvements in the area platted will conform to requirements and specifications of the City.
      (3)   That the City Engineer will be notified in writing three days before any construction is begun on such public improvements in order that inspection may be provided.
   (b)   The developer shall hold the City free and harmless from any and all claims for damages of every nature arising or growing out of the construction of such improvements and shall defend, at his own cost and expense any suit or action brought against the City by reason thereof until the improvement has been accepted by the City at the end of the one year maintenance period and the developer notified, except such liability of the City resulting from its sole negligence.
(Ord. C79-74. Passed 1-20-75.)