(a)   The owner or owners of any tract of land shall submit to the Planning Commission a plan for the use and development of such tract of land lying within the City or within the three-mile limit thereof, and the plan of streets, drives and ways dedicated for public use.
   (b)   If such Development Plan is approved after hearing by the Planning Commission and Council, the application of the use and yard regulations established herein shall be modified as required by such development plans provided that for such tract as a whole, excluding street area but including area to be devoted to parks, parkways or other permanent open space, there will be not less than the required area per family for the area district in which such tract of land is located for each family which under such Development Plan may be housed on such tract; and provided further, that under such Plan the appropriate use of property adjacent to the area included in such Plan is fully safeguarded and all the improvements are assured, and so certified to the heads of all divisions responsible for such improvements.
(Ord. C79-74. Passed 1-20-75.)