(a)   Purpose. The purpose of this district is to provide areas for the development of moderate to high density residential uses and structures in moderately spacious surroundings.
   It is the intent of this section that these districts be located in the suburban and intermediate portion of the City where a protected environment suitable for moderate density residential use can be provided, as well as in established moderate density residential areas as a means to ensure their continuance. However, the use of this district is appropriate on a smaller scale in the suburban portions of the City as a transitional or buffer zone between low density residential districts or major transportation arteries, or other uses that are not compatible with a low density residential environment.
   In fulfilling the purpose of this district, the townhouse concept may be used which permits the construction of single family immediately adjacent to one another without side yards between the individual units and which units shall be structurally connected to at least one additional unit.
   (b)   Permitted Use. In an A-2 District, no building or land shall be used or changed in use, and no building shall be hereafter located, erected or structurally altered, unless otherwise provided in this chapter, except for the following use:
      (1)   Townhouse dwelling. “Dwelling townhouse” means a residential unit attached to one or more residential units by a common wall located on its own lot and designed for or occupied by one family only.
      (2)   Conditional use. The use permitted under this section shall be permitted as a conditional use in the A-1 Districts if it is approved by the Planning Commission and subject to such conditions, restrictions and safeguards as may be deemed necessary by the Commission. If approved by the Commission, the standards of this district shall apply.
   (c)   Prohibited Uses. No business, profession or occupation shall be permitted in an A-2 District.
   (d)   Building Height. In an A-2 District, no building shall exceed two and one-half stories or thirty-five feet in height.
   (e)   Lot Area.
      (1)   In an A-2 Townhouse development, each unit lot shall have a minimum of 2,000 square feet and width of not less than twenty feet.
      (2)   Where a townhouse structure is located on an end lot, the lot width shall not be less than twenty-six feet.
      (3)   Where a townhouse structure is located on a corner lot, the lot width shall not be less than fifty feet.
      (4)   All townhouse lots shall have a minimum of twenty feet frontage at the building line.
      (5)   There shall not be erected more than twelve units per acre.
   (f)   Yards. In an A-2 District, garages shall be permitted in the front of the unit on minor streets only. There shall be a twenty-six foot setback from the right-of-way line.
   There shall be a thirty foot building setback from right-of-way line of collector streets.
   On minor streets where head-in parking is provided, the building setback shall be forty-six feet from right-of-way.
   There shall be no side yard for a townhouse structure except if the structure is an end unit, the side yard shall not be less than six feet.
   Each lot shall have a minimum of twenty feet rear yard. The rear yard shall not be used for parking and storage purposes.
   (g)   Rear Yard Parking. In an A-2 District where an applicant desires to locate parking in the rear yard of the structure, the following conditions shall apply:
      (1)   A minimum area between parking and townhouse of twenty feet to be used as a yard unless parking is covered and attached whereby no rear yard is required.
      (2)   A public access street or private drive is needed to provide flow to and from parking areas as follows:
         A.   Public. Twenty feet right-of-way with sixteen feet of pavement. “V” Section of pavement shall be permitted. The access street need not be curbed.
         B.   Private Access Street. To have a pavement width suitable to carry the flow of traffic. Subject to review of the Planning Commission.
   (h)   Lot Coverage. The total shall not exceed sixty percent (60%) coverage by all structures of total lot area.
      (1)   A maximum of six living units shall be allowed in each row of townhouses. When an end unit does not side on a street, an open space of at least twenty feet in width shall be provided between it and an end unit of the adjacent row of townhouses.
      (2)   Townhouses shall be constructed on side lot lines without side yard and no windows, doors or other opening shall face a side lot line except that outside wall of end units may contain such openings.
      (3)   Every two units shall change setback a minimum of four feet. The purpose of this is to eliminate the box appearance that could develop with a straight-line building.
   (i)   Streets.
      (1)   A collector street connecting with an existing collector or arterial street shall have a fifty foot right-of-way with thirty-two feet of pavement. On a collector street, parking shall be permitted in the rear only. A thirty foot setback shall be required with no head-in parking permitted.
      (2)   A minor street shall have thirty feet of right of way with twenty-six foot of pavement. Ten foot easements for public walks and utilities shall be required on each side of a minor street.
      (3)   All minor streets ending in a cul-de-sac shall not exceed a maximum length of 300 feet. Cul-de-sacs shall be constructed as per Chapter 1103 of the Codified Ordinances with a forty-two foot right-of-way and forty foot of pavement.
      (4)   All streets and curbs shall meet the construction requirements of Part Eleven of the Codified Ordinances.
      (5)   No minor street shall end as a dead-end street.
   (j)   Parking. In an A-2 District, the applicant shall have the option of locating the parking in the front or rear of each row of townhouses. The location of the parking shall not vary within a row of townhouses.
   In an A-2 District, the parking requirements are as follows:
      (1)   The minimum space size shall be ten feet by twenty feet.
      (2)   There shall be a minimum of two spaces per unit and a maximum of one-half space per unit for visitor parking.
      (3)   All parking on public streets shall be curbed.
      (4)   There shall be no head-in parking on a collector street.
      (5)   All parking spaces shall have a surface of concrete or asphalt.
      (6)   All parking spaces shall be clearly addressed or marked for unit intended. Visitor parking spaces shall be clearly marked.
   (k)   Sidewalks. In an A-2 District, the parking requirements are as follows:  Sidewalks shall be installed as per Chapter 1103 of the Codified Ordinances on collector streets. On minor streets, sidewalks shall commence three feet from rear of curb and shall have a minimum width of four feet on a minor street with head-in parking. No sidewalk shall cross more than three parking spaces. Parking areas with more than three parking spaces shall have sidewalk constructed around the parking area. Where sidewalk abuts or is adjacent to parking area, the width shall be five feet.
   (l)   Floor Area Requirements for A-2 Districts. The floor area per family in each dwelling erected on any lot shall not be less than that established by the following table. In determining floor area, only area used for living quarters shall be counted. Garages, carports, porches, laundry area and basement are to be excluded.
Two Bedroom One Story
One Bedroom One Story
Two Bedroom Unit Two-Story or Bi-Level
Three Bedroom Two-Story or Bi-Level
Square Feet
   (m)   Firewall. Each common wall between units shall consist of a minimum of eight inches thick masonry construction from foundation to or through roof and in compliance with OBBC Section 907.7.
   Every two units shall have a firewall which extends two feet eight inches above the roof surface.
(Ord. C50-81. Passed 9-8-81.)