(a)   These rules hereby adopt and incorporate by reference as if fully rewritten herein Resolution No. CR-19-87, adopted on April 7, 1987, as amended, or as may be amended, enacted or re-enacted in the future (also known as “City of Grove City Thoroughfare Map” and hereinafter referred to as the Plan). The designation of roadways referred to hereinafter are those as described in the Plan and such designations are to be used in the identification of such roadways; provided, however, additional designations, as deemed necessary by the Consulting Engineer, may from time to time be added or deleted to the existing designations to implement and invoke the purposes of these rules and the application of standards for approval.
   (b)   In accordance with the descriptive roadway designation of the Plan, the following prohibitions, restrictions and limitations for approval of driveway plans for access to public right-of-ways are hereby imposed for purposes of preventing an unreasonable interference with the safe, orderly, efficient flow of traffic, or an adverse affect on the health, safety, property or welfare of the traveling public.
      (1)   No new driveway shall be approved for a direct access from any private property to any public right-of-way where such public right-of-way would be adversely impacted by the proposed new driveway. This regulation includes, but is not limited to such public improvements as bike paths, barrier walls and traffic malls.
      (2)   Driveway plans may be approved by the Planning Commission for direct access from private property to the following designated roadway with the described characteristics, providing such private property has sufficient contiguous frontage abutting such roadways to conform to the Required Spacing Diagrams and Table:
         A.   Primary arterial; and
         B.   Secondary Street where such roadway has existing and projected traffic volume within the reasonable foreseeable future exceeding 20,000 vehicles per day;
      (3)   No driveway plan shall be approved for single family or two family uses for direct access to a public right-of-way for any roadway designated in the Plan as a primary arterial or secondary street except where no alternate access is available.
      (4)   All other approvals of driveway plans for access from private property to such roadways designated in the Plan in subsections (b)(2) and (3) hereof and any other public right-of-way are subject to review by the Commission. No approval shall be given by the Commission for such driveway where such access would:
         A.   Adversely affect the health, safety, property or welfare of the public using public right of ways;
         B.   Unreasonably interfere with existing or projected traffic conditions as to the safe and orderly flow of traffic;
         C.   Unreasonably interfere with existing or projected public improvements in public right-of-ways including but not limited to malls, bikeways, sidewalks and traffic barriers; or
         D.   Unreasonably interfere with the number or arrangement of traffic lanes, the use of other driveways, or the locations and operation of traffic control devices.
      (6)   Any residentially zoned parcel having frontage on an improved public alley(s) as well as a public street(s) shall have access only to the public alley(s), except when the Commission determines there would be no adverse effect resulting from additional access to the public street(s). Adverse effect shall consider the safety, property or welfare of the public, and the safe, orderly and efficient flow of traffic, including pedestrians.
(Ord. C78-87. Passed 9-8-87.)