(a)   No unauthorized person shall uncover, make any connection with or opening into, use, alter, or disturb any public water line or appurtenances thereof without first obtaining a written permit from the Building Department.
   (b)   The parcel to be tapped must be located within the City of Grove City corporate limits, as established by the records of the Franklin County Auditor's office prior to the purchase of the tap or 30 days after the passage of the annexation ordinance for the property. Parcels requesting more than one tap must have an approved plat recorded with the Franklin County Auditor's office prior to the purchase of the tap. All taps must be purchased on or after the application for a building permit. Tap fees cannot be transferred.
Size of Water Tap
Fee Effective 1-1-07 and beyond
1 1/2"
   When a tap is used for fire protection only, the water tap fees shall be reduced to five percent (5%) of the above rate.
(Ord. C40-80. Passed 7-14-80; Ord. C7-86. Passed 2-17-86; Ord. C41-03. Passed 6-2-03. Ord. C79-06. Passed 11-20-06.)
   (c)   The permit shall then be taken to the City of Columbus where a meter shall be purchased, an application for water made to, and approved by, the City of Columbus and all City of Columbus fees paid.
   (d)   The developer or owner may elect to either have the City of Columbus make the taps or tap or to make his own. If the City of Columbus makes the tap, the cost of making the tap shall be paid to the City of Columbus along with other fees exacted by the City of Columbus.
(Ord. C62-73. Passed 8-6-73; Ord. C11-05. Passed 2-22-05.)