(a)   The following rates are established for the sewer service charges to be charged all users of the City's sewerage systems:
Sewer service charge per 1,000 cubic feet of sewage equal to or of less concentration than standard strength sewage
Minimum sewer service charge per month per connection
   The volume of sewage discharged into the sewerage system shall be taken as being the same as the volume of water use recorded in the water meter for the building, house, structure or property receiving sewer service, except when a deduct meter installation is approved by the Director of Public Service or it is determined that the sewerage system is receiving more volume than is recorded by the water meter.
(Ord. C20-79. Passed 3-19-79; Ord. C56-91. Passed 8-5-91.)
   (b)   The City may request any business or person to monitor and test, or the City may monitor and test sewage, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 935. The above sewer service charge shall be increased in proportion to the amount the sanitary sewage concentration exceeds either 200 ppm B.O.D. or 200 ppm suspended solids.
   (c)   Should the bill rendered to any property or user served by the sewerage system remain unpaid for a period of thirty days, it shall be certified to the County Auditor and become a lien against the property served and collected as general taxes.
   (d)   The owner of private property which is served by the sewerage system by pipes connected with the system to convey sewerage away, shall as well as the lessee of the premises, be liable for all service of the system rendered the premises.
(Ord. C51-76. Passed 6-21-76; Ord. C74-76. Passed 9-20-76. Ord. C69-06. Passed 10-16-06.)