(a)   No unauthorized person shall uncover, make any connection with or opening into, use, alter or disturb any public sewer or appurtenances thereof without first obtaining a written permit from the Building Department.
   (b)   In computing the sewer tap fee, the Building Department shall apply the applicable percentage factor for the year listed below to the Columbus tap charge that is in effect at the time the tap is issued.  Sewer tapping charge is based on the size of the water tap. The parcel to be tapped must be located within the City of Grove City corporate limits, as established by the records of the Franklin County Auditor's office or 30 days after the passage of the annexation ordinance for the property prior to the purchase of the tap. Parcels requesting more than one tap must have an approved plat recorded with the Franklin County Auditor's office prior to the purchase of the tap. All taps must be purchased on or after the application for a building permit. Tap fees cannot be transferred.
Water Tap Size
Fee Effective and beyond
1 1/2"
(Ord. C42-03.  Passed 6-2-03; Ord. C10-05. Passed 2-22-05. Ord. C78-06. Passed 11-20-06.)
   (c)   All connection fees so exacted shall be deposited in and credited to the Sewer Fund.
(Ord. C36-81. Passed 7-6-81; Ord. C9-97. Passed 2-3-97.)
   (d)   The payment of a connection fee does not relieve any person from the responsibilities enumerated in Chapter 935. All pretreatment or other extra costs as required to comply with Chapter 935 are additional to the connection fee. No permit to connect property to the sewerage system shall be issued nor shall any such connection be made unless and until the fee herein imposed, along with all other charges and fees that pertain to the sewerage system, have been paid and all facilities and work necessary to bring the sewage being added to the sewerage system through the connection in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 935.
   (e)   The owner of any lot or plot of ground which has a building sewer that has been tapped or connected to the public sewers but which requires maintenance, repair, alteration or other work to either eliminate the building sewer or to cause the building sewer to conform to present law, shall make application to the Director for a permit prior to commencing any such maintenance, repair, alteration or other work on the building sewer. A description and/or drawing of the work to be performed, satisfactory to the Director, shall accompany the application. The building sewer inspection fee shall be twenty dollars ($20) per application plus fifteen cents (15¢) per foot for each foot of building sewer in excess of 100 feet. The permit shall cover all work necessary to bring a building sewer up to minimum standards established in the Codified Ordinances, and work shall be completed in accordance with the provisions of the Building Code and Chapter 1103. The permit shall expire ninety days after its issuance. If within such period of time no work has been performed, one-half of the building sewer inspection fee paid by the applicant shall be returned upon request by the applicant. The fee for the permit shall be credited to and deposited in the District's Sewer Revenue Fund.
   (f)   The fee charges in subsections (b) and (e) hereof include the cost of an initial inspection and one repeat inspection or two hours of inspection by the City Inspector for each permit issued. Should more than the initial and one repeat inspection or more than two hours of inspection time be required because of failure of the owner, his contractor or authorized representative to install, maintain, repair, alter or perform other work in accordance with Chapter 1103 and the Building Code, an additional fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per hour, or increment thereof, of inspection time required to insure compliance with the requirements herein shall be charged. Such additional fees shall be paid prior to the final approval of the building sewer for which the permit was issued and shall be deposited in and credited to the District's Sewer Revenue Fund.
(Ord. C51-76. Passed 6-21-76; Ord. C75-76. Passed 9-20-76.)
   (g)   The owner of any lot or plot of ground which is improved by building thereon, which is required by law to connect into that portion of the sewerage system of the City that is a tributary to the sanitary sewerage system of the City of Columbus, shall pay a sewerage system capacity charge in the amount established by the City of Columbus. The connection fee due for the subject lot or plot of ground as established in subsection (b) hereof shall be reduced by the amount of the sewerage system capacity charge. When the sewerage system capacity charge amount exceeds the connection fee the sewerage system capacity charge amount shall be paid in lieu of the connection fee.
(Ord. C85-77. Passed 11-21-77.)