(a)   Any person seeking to develop a tract of ground or obtain a building permit to construct any building, or owning or operating an existing building or structure, when a sewage treatment plant exists or is required to pretreat or treat the waste from the building to meet the requirements of Chapter 935 shall:
      (1)   Obtain written approval of the plans, specifications and discharge point from the Director of Public Service;
      (2)   Place on file with the Director a copy of the approved plans, specifications and discharge point;
      (3)   Submit an executed copy of a contract between the owner of the real property upon which the building and sewage treatment plant exists or will be constructed, and a licensed State of Ohio sewage treatment plant operator, providing for the perpetual maintenance and repair of the plant as long as the plant is in existence. The contract shall be binding upon the heirs, administrators, executors and assigns of the owner and the plant operator.
      (4)   Enter into a contract with the City providing for inspection of the wastewater treatment plant and payment of inspection fees as established in Section 937.12. The contract shall be in such form as determined by the Director of Law of the City.
   (b)   No building permit shall be issued to construct any building requiring a wastewater treatment plant until subsection (a) hereof has been complied with.
(Ord. C50-76. Passed 6-21-76.)