If any person, owner or sponsor intends or plans to conduct an outdoor concert where the audience may exceed 100 people, that person, owner or sponsor shall obtain from the Director of Public Safety not later than twenty-one days before the start of the first outdoor concert an approved plan for the handling and parking of automobile traffic, security, crowd control and medical services, safety and well-being for those people attending the outdoor concert. To facilitate the preparation and review of any such plan, the person, owner or sponsor applying for the plan shall pay to the City the sum of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) together with an initial draft of the proposed plan for the review, modification and approval of the Director. The plan shall be in writing, have the signed approval of the Director, and the owner and sponsor of the outdoor concert shall be responsible for conducting the outdoor concert and all further outdoor concerts conducted in the same facility during that year in full compliance with the plan. If the owner, sponsor and Director are unable to agree on a plan, the plan may be approved and adopted by a resolution of a majority of the members of Council.
(Ord. C12-91. Passed 2-18-91.)