(a)   The franchisee shall do its own billing and collecting. The rate per month will be that which is established by the bid of the successful franchisee. The bills shall be sent to the owner of the property, as determined from the County tax records, at the address listed in the County tax records. The bid may contain an escalation clause entitling the franchisee to an annual increase, upon approval of Council, to adequately compensate the franchisee for increases in the cost of fuel for motorized equipment and increases in landfill charges.
(Ord. C57-93. Passed 6-21-93; Ord. C61-12.  Passed 11-19-12.)
   (b)   The private hauler may discontinue service if an account remains unpaid longer than forty-five days after the due date. Prior to discontinuing service, the private hauler shall cause a Notice of Discontinuation of Service to be served, by ordinary mail, on the owner at the address listed in the County tax records. The private hauler shall provide the City of a copy of the Notice. (Ord. C69-79. Passed 10-24-79; Ord. C61-12.  Passed 11-19-12.)
   (c)   Should such account remain unpaid after the forty-fifth day after its due date, the private hauler shall cause Final Notice of Payment to be served by U.S. certified mail, return receipt requested, as established by the County tax records, to the owner who shall, after receipt of such notice, be responsible for any and all financial liabilities incurred to the private hauler for such account.  (Ord. C61-12.  Passed 11-19-12.)
   (d)   The Director of Public Service shall have the authority to promulgate rules and regulations pertaining to the collection of all refuse and garbage within the City limits.
(Ord. C119-88. Passed 12-5-88.)
   (e)   All householders or owners as defined in Section 725.01 shall utilize the franchise service for refuse and garbage collection.
(Ord. C25-93. Passed 4-5-93.)