(a)   No person shall maintain a junk yard or junk shop in the corporate limits of the City unless such business is carried on entirely inside a building, or unless the premises on which such business is carried on is entirely enclosed by a solid built wood fence at least seven feet in height. Such fence shall be maintained in a neat, substantial, safe condition and shall be painted. Gates for access to the premises shall swing inwardly and such gates shall be kept closed, when the premises are not open for business. In the event that any junk yard or junk shop has been licensed on in operation prior to the effective date of Ordinance 4-59, passed May 1, 1960, with an existing fence of chain link construction at least six feet in height, such fence shall conform to the following specifications:
      (1)   Visibility through such chain link fence shall be maintained at a limit of two percent or less by the use of metal slats or metal sheets inserted in, or affixed to, the chain link fence in a permanent and repairable manner.
      (2)   Such metal slatting or sheeting shall be painted with a baked enamel finish or shall be treated with a rust retarding material to prevent deterioration.
      (3)   Such metal slatting or sheeting affixed to the chain link fence and the fence itself, shall be maintained in a neat and orderly manner for as long a period as the fence remains in use.
      (4)   Such metal slatting or sheeting shall be affixed or attached to the fence in the predesigned manner so as to reduce visibility through the fence to a maximum degree of two percent visibility or less at a distance of twenty-five feet.
   (b)   No junk shall be stored in the City unless it is in a building or an enclosed yard as above provided. Such junk, whether inside a building or in an enclosed yard, shall be so piled or placed that adequate passageways are open. Such placement shall be subject to the approval of the Fire Chief of Jackson Township and such regulations of fire prevention as he may provide.
(Ord. C34-60. Passed 5-1-60.)