As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Junk" means any personal property which may be salvaged for reuse, resale, reduction or similar disposition, or which is possessed, transported, owned, collected, accumulated, dismantled or assorted for any of the aforesaid purposes. Used household furniture, used wearing apparel, used lumber, used brick, used tile, used plumbing fixtures, used electrical fixtures, used articles made of precious metal, used jewelry, used tools and other used articles of personal property, which are bought and sold as secondhand property and which are not handled as what is ordinarily called junk or salvaged material, shall not be included. Junk includes used or salvaged iron, brass, lead, copper and other base metal and their compounds of combinations, used or salvaged rope, bags, paper, rags, glass, rubber and similar articles or property and used motor vehicles which are used, owned or possessed for the purpose of wrecking or salvaging parts therefrom.
   (b)   "Junk dealer" means any person who buys, exchanges, collects, receives, stores or sells any article defined as junk.
   (c)   "Junk yard" or "junk shop" means any place at which a junk dealer buys, exchanges, collects, receives, stores, accumulates, sells or otherwise handles junk.
(Ord. 4-59. Passed 5-18-59.)