As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Home solicitation sales" means a sale of goods or services by cash or credit in which the seller, his representative or a person acting for him solicits and/or consummates a sale of goods or services at the home or residence of the buyer. Home solicitation sales include those solicitations and sales made as a result of unsolicited contacts at the home or residence and also those sales made at the home as the result of appointments solicited by the seller by telephone or by the buyer by telephone in response to an advertisement made by the seller. Home solicitation sales do not include sales made pursuant to prior negotiations between the parties at a business establishment at a fixed location where goods or services of a similar nature are offered or exhibited for sale by the seller.
   (b)   "Goods" means all personal property and includes chattels, fixtures and goods which at the time of sales or subsequently are so affixed to realty as to become part thereof, whether or not separable therefrom.
   (c)   "Services" means work, labor and services of any kind performed in conjunction with a sale, but not including services for which the prices charged are required by law to be established and regulated by Federal, State or City government.
   (d)   Goods and services shall not include those goods and services sold by salesmen specifically and especially licensed for sales of such goods and services by governmental agencies.
(Ord. C65-72. Passed 10-2-72.)