In accordance with the requirements of Ohio R.C. 1332.30(A)(1)(a) or Ohio R.C. 1332.30(B)(1) when PEG channels are provided to the City by an incumbent cable provider or VSP, and such PEG channels are required to be programmed by the City with at least forty (40) hours of non-character generated content per week with at least sixty percent (60%) of the programming being non-repeat and locally produced.  For the purposes of this section “non-repeat and locally produced” shall mean, the first three (3) playbacks of programming produced or provided by any local resident, the City, or any local public or private agency that provides services to residents of the greater metro area, or any transmission of a meeting or proceeding of any local, state, or federal governmental entity.
(Ord. C109-07. Passed 12-17-07.)