Upon receipt of notice from a VSP that it will begin providing video service in the City pursuant to a VSA, the City Administrator or his/her designee is authorized and directed to provide such VSP with notice that the VSP shall be required to provide the same number of PEG channels in the City under the same service tier conditions and subject to the same channel reclamation conditions as may be proscribed by Ohio R.C. 1332.30(A)(1)(a-b) for the incumbent cable provider with the most recent obligation in the City, which notice shall be delivered in a manner that provides for proof of timely delivery and shall state the appropriated number of PEG channels and service tiers required to be provided by te VSP within the City within one hundred and twenty (120) days after delivery of such notice.  Additionally, should no PEG channels currently be provided by an incumbent cable provider with such an obligation in the City, the City Administrator may provide written notice to a VSP of its obligation to provide PEG channels in accordance with Ohio R.C. 1332.30(B)(1).
(Ord. C109-07. Passed 12-17-07.)