(a)   “Incumbent cable provider.”  Any person who on the effective date of this section is the holder of a cable franchise agreement with the city as granted pursuant to requirements of 47 U.S.C. 541.
   (b)   “PEG.”  Activities or actions performed for the benefit of public, educational and government video programming by the City.
   (c)   “Video Service.”  The service defined in Ohio R.C. 1332.21(J).
   (d)   “Video Service Authorization or VSA.”  The authorizing granted to a video service provider in accordance with the requirements of Ohio R.C. 1332.21 to 1332.24 et seq.
   (e)   “Video Service Provider Fee or VSP Fee.”  The fee paid by a VSP in accordance with the requirements of Ohio R.C. 1332.32.
   (f)   “Video Service Provider or VSP.”  A person, firm, or corporation granted a video service authorization under Ohio R.C. 1332.21 to 1332.34 et seq.
(Ord. C109-07. Passed 12-17-07.)