(a)   A person desiring to hold a special event shall apply for a Special Event Permit by filing with the Administrative Assistant a written application upon a form provided for that purpose.  An application must be filed not less than 90 days before the special event is to begin.  The Administrative Assistant may waive the 90-day filing requirement if the Administrative Assistant determines that the application can be processed in less than 90 days, taking into consideration the number and types of permits required to be issued in conjunction with this Special Event Permit.
   (b)   Upon receipt of the completed application, the Administrative Assistant shall forward a copy of the application to the Director of Safety, the Director of Service, the Director of Parks and Recreation, the Jackson Township Chief of Fire, the Chief of Police, and the Chief Building and Zoning Official to review the application for compliance with this chapter and provide any recommendations that address public safety, fiscal and operational concerns. Each department or division shall review the application and return it, with any comments, to the Administrative Assistant  within 30 working days of receipt.
   (c)   If any part of the Special Event is to be held on public property, a deposit of one-half of the estimated costs required to be paid to the City as a result of a special event must be received by the Administrative Assistant not less than five days before the date of the special event as shown on the Special Event Permit.  All or part of the fees required to be reimbursed to the City as a result of a special event may be waived by Resolution of the City Council.
   (d)   Within ten (10) days after reviewing the application and departmental comments, the Administrative Assistant shall issue or deny the Special Event Permit.  If the application is denied, the Administrative Assistant shall notify said applicant, in writing, within said ten (10) day period, of the denial.  A Special Event Permit will be issued for a period not to exceed seven (7) consecutive days.  A separate permit is required for each seven day period during which a special event will be conducted.
(Ord. C42-02.  Passed 4-15-02; Ord. C-11-13. Passed 4-15-13.)