For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning:
   (a)   “Employee” means any person working in the hotel/motel, including clerks, managers, housekeeping staff and maintenance personnel.
   (b)   “Extended stay hotel” means one or more structures or buildings where a guest can obtain an accommodation for a fee for a period of time that can exceed thirty (30) consecutive days but that otherwise meets the definition of hotel/motel and complies with any applicable Life Safety Code or Building Code requirements imposed by the Fire Marshal and is constructed in accordance with applicable Building and Property Maintenance Codes and approved by the Building Official.  The term “extended stay hotel” excludes the terms “dwelling unit” and “multi-family”.
   (c)   “Hotel” means one or more structures or buildings where a transient guest can obtain an accommodation for a fee to remain on the hotel premises for a period not to exceed 30 consecutive days and which meets the following additional requirements:
      (1)   Provide fresh linens before a guest occupies a room, or if the same guest occupies the room for more than two days, at least three times a week;
      (2)   Clean each accommodation in use daily;
      (3)   Make each accommodation available for a fee on a daily or weekly basis; and
      (4)   If a garage for motor vehicles is provided, it must be a public garage.  The term “hotel” includes the term “motel”.  The term “hotel” excludes the terms “dwelling unit and multi-family”.
   (d)   “Motel” means a hotel that provides guests ready access to their vehicles.
   (e)   “Owner or authorized agent” means the person, firm, association or corporation who is responsible for managing and operating the hotel/motel.
   (f)   “Utensils” means drinking glasses, pitchers, and other equipment that is designed to come into contact with potable water, food or beverages during storage, transportation, serving or normal usage.
(Ord. C90-05. Passed 9-19-05; Ord. C117-05. Passed 12-5-05.)