(a)   No person shall harbor or keep a vicious or dangerous animal within this City.  Proof that such animal has, without sufficient provocation, bitten or otherwise attacked any person off the premises of its owner shall be prima facie evidence of the fact that such animal is vicious or dangerous.  Any animal warden, police officer or other person authorized by the Mayor or the Police Chief may impound any animal which has bitten or attacked a person without sufficient provocation. Such officer or other authorized person shall give prompt notice of such impounding to the owner, if the owner is known and can reasonably be notified. If, within 10 days after such impounding or, for a conviction of the violation of this section, whichever is the later, the owner fails to pay the cost of impounding and to make suitable arrangements for the immediate and permanent removal of the animal from the City, such animal may be destroyed, unless it is deemed advisable to keep it under observation for a longer period of time, in which case the owner shall be given additional time within which to pay such cost and to dispose of the animal.  Should the owner of such animal be acquitted of the charge under this section, the animal shall forthwith be returned to the owner.
   (b)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.
(Ord. C42-74. Passed 7-1-74.)