(a)   Whenever a person has been cited with certain Codified Ordinance violations that require notice to be given to the offender prior to enforcement of such violation(s) (i.e. 505.01, 521.11, 521.18, 523.02, 523.03, 523.04, 543.02, 543.03), then the notice shall include the offender’s right to file an appeal to the alleged violation(s).
   (b)   The petition to appeal must be in writing and must be filed no later than five days after notice, referenced in division (a) of this section, has been served upon the alleged offender.  The petition to appeal must be filed with the office of the Director of Public Safety within the five day period.
   (c)   The Director of Public Safety, or his or her designee, shall conduct a hearing on the appeal.  The procedure to be followed, including notice of hearing, and appeal rights from the hearing, shall be the same as specified in Ohio R.C. 119.07 through 119.12, inclusive.
(Ord. C11-97.  Passed 2-3-97.)