(a)   For purposes of this section certain terms shall be defined as follows:
      (1)   “Display” shall mean located or parked where the intended purpose is to attract persons to the vehicle.
      (2)   “Parking” shall mean temporary or permanent storage of an unattended vehicle.
      (3)   “Vehicle” includes but is not limited to, automobiles, motorcycles, golf carts, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, and trailers.
      (4)   “Improved” means any addition to the natural state of land which increases its value or utility, including buildings, street pavements with or without curbs and gutters, sidewalks, crosswalks, water mains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, landscaping, street lighting, public utilities, paved parking areas and other appropriate items.
   (b)   Vehicles for sale are subject to the following requirements:
      (1)   The display of a vehicle for sale is allowed only on improved and occupied property when the vehicle to be sold is owned by the owner of the subject property.
      (2)   No vehicles offered for sale shall be displayed on any parcel that is vacant or unimproved, or undeveloped.
      (3)   The owner of the vehicle for sale must have an occupancy interest or business interest on the property where the vehicle is displayed for sale. If the vehicle for sale is displayed at a commercial location for a period of greater than two (2) hours, the vehicle may be displayed only when the owner of the vehicle is present on the property, and during normal operating hours of the business at which the vehicle is displayed. However, only automobiles including pick-up trucks or standard mini-vans, principally used for personal transportation, may be displayed for sale upon non-residential property.
      (4)   Any vehicle for sale must be properly licensed and operable.
      (5)   Only (1) vehicle offered for sale is allowed on any parcel at any one time, and there shall be no more than one vehicle for sale on any one parcel within any (6) month period.
      (6)   Vehicles offered for sale must be located in parking area used for the parking of vehicles (i.e. paved) and must not be located on any public right of way, landscape buffer, or other land development feature other than a designed parking area.
      (7)   Signage advertising the vehicle for sale shall not be greater than (4) square feet in area. The signage must be affixed inside the vehicle, or in the case of motorcycles, boats, and trailers the signage must be securely affixed to the vehicle.
   (c)   Exceptions. This section does not apply to person engaged in the business of vehicle sales being conducted in a C-2 zoning classification with an approved Special Use Permit, as required in Section 1135.09(b)(12).
   (d)   Penalty. Whoever violates this section, is guilty of a minor misdemeanor. A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues.
(Ord. C28-03.  Passed 4-21-03.)