Council hereby creates a Tax Incentive Review Council to review the tax exemptions and any other similar matters referred to it by action of this Council as provided in ORC 5709.85.  The membership of the Tax Incentive Review Council for the tax exemptions must include: (1) three (3) members appointed by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, (2) two (2) members appointed by the Mayor of the City with the concurrence of the Council, (3) two (2) members appointed by Jackson Township Board of Trustees, (4) the Franklin County Auditor or his designee, and (5) one (1) member appointed by the Board of Education of the South-Western City School District; at least two (2) members must be residents of the City; and the Mayor has proposed to appoint the Mayor and the President of Council as members of the Tax Incentive Review Council upon its creation.
(Res. CR76-05. Passed 10-17-05)