155.06   PROMOTIONS.
   (a)   This section shall apply to promotions outside of the Division of Police.
   (b)   Vacancies in positions in the classified service shall be filled insofar as practicable by promotions, except as otherwise provided in this chapter. The Commission shall provide for making promotions in the classified service on the basis of merit, to be ascertained as far as practicable by promotional examinations and by seniority in service. In all cases where vacancies are to be filled by promotional examination, the Commission shall certify to the appointing authority only the names of the three persons having the highest score.
   (c)   In promotional examinations, seniority in service shall be added to the examination grade, but no credit for seniority or any other reason shall be added to an examination grade, unless the applicant achieves at least the minimum passing score on the examination without counting such extra credit. For all promotions, seniority of service beginning with the date of full-time employment with the City shall equal for each of the first four years of service, 1% of the total grade attainable in the promotion examination, and, for each of the fifth through fourteenth years of service, 0.6% of the total grade attainable. Unless otherwise provided herein, the procedural rules and processes for original examinations shall apply to promotional examinations.
(Ord. C12-90. Passed 2-5-90; Ord. C50-01.  Passed 8-20-01; Ord. C72-02.  Passed 8-19-02; Ord. C08- 13. Passed 2-19-13.)