From the returns of the examinations, the Commission, or its designee, shall prepare an eligibility list of the persons who scored not less than the minimum score fixed by the Commission, and who are otherwise eligible. The names shall be ranked based on examination score, including military and seniority credit, without reference to when the application for the examination was made, with the examinee receiving the highest grade being placed first on the list. If two or more applicants receive the same score on an examination, including consideration of veteran and seniority credit, priority in the time of filing the application with the Commission, or its designee, shall determine the order in which their names shall be placed on the eligibility list, except that applicants eligible for veteran's preference under this chapter shall receive priority in rank on the eligibility list over nonveterans on the list with a rating equal to that of the veteran. Ties among veterans shall be decided by priority of filing the application.
   An eligibility list expires one year after its creation or upon the administration of a new examination. The Commission may approve an additional one-year extension.
(Ord. C08-13. Passed 2-19-13.)