The Director shall have the following powers and duties under the immediate supervision of the Administrative Assistant:
   (a)   Make all necessary administrative rules and regulations for the operation of the Department.
   (b)   Maintain a continuing evaluation of the sources available for retention, development, redevelopment or expansion of residential dwelling units, commercial and industrial facilities through both public and private agencies.
   (c)   Consult with public and private agencies in the preparation of studies of human and economic needs or advantages relating to economics and community development or redevelopment.
   (d)   Assist the Planning Commission in the preparation and maintenance of comprehensive plans and recommendations for the promotion of more desirable economic patterns of growth within the City.
   (e)   Disseminate information concerning residential, industrial, commercial, governmental, educational, cultural, recreational and other advantages and attractions of the City.
   (f)   Provide assistance to public and private agencies in the preparation of promotional programs designed to attract business and industry.
   (g)   Implement urban renewal, urban redevelopment and community reinvestment plans and projects.
   (h)   Stimulate, promote and coordinate economic development and redevelopment within the City.
   (i)   Consult with potential developers to coordinate and promote residential, commercial and industrial growth within the City.
   (j)   Act in the capacity of official member of the Grove City Community Improvement Corporation and represent the City with any corporation or association organized for the promotion and development of economic growth within the City.
(Ord. C28-85. Passed 5-6-85.)