The Mayor shall be recognized as the chief executive of the City and as the judge to hear and determine misdemeanor cases arising under the City ordinances, as provided by State law, until another and different court for such purpose shall be provided by State legislative act. He shall attend all meetings of Council with the right to participate in debate, but not to vote. He shall appoint the members (except ex-officio members) of the Civil Service Commission, the City Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Park Board, as well as any other boards or commissions established by ordinance. He shall appoint (or delegate to his Administrative Assistant or to the heads of departments, boards and commissions, the appointment of) all City employees, subject to the provisions of this Charter and the State Civil Service Law applicable to city civil service. He shall transmit to the Council annually, on or before the 20th day of June the tax budget estimates of the City for ensuing calendar year. He shall likewise transmit to the Council on or before November 15th of each year the proposed appropriation ordinance for the next calendar year. All administrative activities, other than those here enumerated, he shall delegate to a professional administrative assistant. (Amended 11-7-17)