(a)   On or before the last day of each month, the tax commissioner shall certify to the director of budget and management the amount to be paid to Grove City, based on amounts reported on annual returns and declarations of estimated tax under Sections 194.85 and 194.88 of this chapter, less any amounts previously distributed and net of any audit adjustments made or refunds granted by the commissioner, for the calendar month preceding the month in which the certification is made. Not later than the fifth day of each month, the director shall provide for payment of the amount certified to Grove City from the municipal income tax fund, plus a pro rata share of any investment earnings accruing to the fund since the previous payment under this section. Grove City’s share of such earnings shall equal the proportion that Grove City’s certified tax payment is of the total taxes certified to all municipal corporations in that quarter. All investment earnings on money in the municipal income tax fund shall be credited to that fund.
   (b)   If the tax commissioner determines that the amount of tax paid by a taxpayer and distributed to Grove City under this section for a taxable year exceeds the amount payable to Grove City under Sections 194.80 to 194.95 of this chapter after accounting for amounts remitted with the annual return and as estimated taxes, the commissioner shall proceed according to subsections (a) and (b) of Section 5703.77 of the ORC.
(Ord. C10-18.  Passed 2-23-18.)