(a)   The City's Safety Director shall maintain a list of residents within the City who have expressed a desire not to be visited by any peddler or solicitor for a commercial purpose.
   (b)   Upon the issuance of any license issued pursuant to this Chapter, a peddler or solicitor shall be provided with a copy of the list of City residents who have expressed a desire in writing not to have any such commercial peddler or solicitor enter upon their property. Every peddler and/or solicitor licensed under this Chapter shall agree not to visit the premises so enumerated in the list provided to it by the City.
   (c)   The "Do-Not-Knock" registry is voluntary. To opt into the registry, residents must notify the City's Safety Director by submitting an official registration form located on the City's official webpage.
   (d)   The "Do-Not-Knock" list expires on December 31 of every year and any resident who wishes to maintain their name and address on the list must re-submit a registration form.
   (e)   The registry list shall be updated every thirty days and shall be complete and current on the first day of each month.
   (f)   A copy of the "Do-Not-Knock" list can be obtained on the City's website.
   (g)   Whoever violates division (b) of this section shall be given a written warning on the first offense; have their license revoked as provided in Section 720.09(a) on a second offense; on any subsequent offense, within ninety days of the previous offense, whoever violates division (b) is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree as provided in Section 720.09(b).
(Ord. C95-16.  Passed 12-5-16.)