(a)   The owner/developer shall prepare a SWP3 in accordance with the general and specific requirements outlined in the OEPA’s permit for stormwater discharges associated with construction activity or its subsequent OEPA-issued revision. The SWP3 shall include erosion and sediment structural and non-structural BMPs to address the management of construction site stormwater runoff throughout earth disturbing activities. The SWP3 shall be submitted to the City for review and must be approved prior to the commencement of earth disturbing activities. A copy of the OEPA Notice of Intent (NOI) submission shall be made available to the City.
   (b)   A copy of the approved SWP3 shall be maintained onsite in a location easily accessible by the City at all times during earth disturbing activities. The owner/developer is required to modify the SWP3 as necessary during earth disturbing activities to appropriately manage the construction site stormwater runoff during the various phases of construction. The SWP3 required to be kept on-site must be modified and revised to reflect the installed BMPs at all times.
   (c)   It shall be the responsibility of the owner/developer to provide notification to the City 48-hours prior to commencement of initial site earth disturbance. No construction activity such as grading, cutting, or filling shall be commenced until erosion and sedimentation control devices have been installed to the satisfaction of the City.
   (d)   No person shall cause or allow earth-disturbing activities on a development area except in compliance with the standards set out in this regulation and the applicable items below:
      (1)   A SWP3 shall be approved prior to any earth disturbing activities on development areas, including those development areas being a part of a larger common plan of development or sale. The person proposing such earth disturbing activities shall develop and submit for approval a plan, as part of the final site improvement plans, containing erosion and sediment pollution control practices so that compliance with other provisions of this regulation shall be achieved during and after development. Such a plan shall address specific requirements contained with this regulation.
      (2)   The SWP3 must contain a description of the controls appropriate for each construction operation covered by this regulation and the operator(s) must implement such controls. The terms must clearly describe for each major construction activity appropriate control measures and the general timing (or sequence) during the construction process that the measures will be implemented; and which contractor is responsible for implementation (e.g., contractor A will clear land and install perimeter controls and contractor B will maintain perimeter controls until final stabilization). The erosion and sediment control practices used to satisfy the conditions of this regulation shall meet the standards and specifications in the current edition of Ohio's Rainwater and Land Development manual or other standards acceptable to the City.
(Ord. C56-15.  Passed 9-8-15.)