971.01  PURPOSE.
   This chapter establishes stormwater management requirements within the City. The City has a Stormwater Design Manual that gives more specific guidance on the procedures and calculation methodologies required to meet the requirements of this chapter. While adherence will not eliminate non-point source pollution, stop flooding or prevent all damage caused by flooding, it does establish a basis for design which will:
   (a)   Minimize the damage and inconvenience of flooding;
   (b)   Provide drainage systems which continue to provide benefit over the long term;
   (c)   Minimize the expense of maintaining the drainage facilities within the City;
   (d)   Reduce non-point-source pollution;
   (e)   Minimize new impacts on engineered and natural drainage systems; and
   (f)   Prevent or reduce impacts to stream and river ecosystems.
(Ord. C56-15.  Passed 9-8-15.)