(a)   The provisions of this section concerning expiration and renewal only apply to registered demolition contractor registrations issued by the Building Division.
   (b)   A demolition contractor registration shall expire at the end of the calendar year (December
      (1)   An applicant for a demolition contractor registration renewal shall be exempt from making a new application for a registration provided:
         A.   The application for renewal is filed within thirty (30) calendar days following the expiration of such contractor registration formerly held by the applicant; and
         B.   Further if such former demolition contractor registration has not been revoked for cause by the Contractor Board of Review of home improvement contractors.
      (2)   Failure to renew a demolition contractor registration within thirty (30) calendar days following its expiration date shall require that the applicant make a new application with the Building Division for such registration.
   (c)   A bond submitted for a demolition contractor registration renewal shall be signed by the individual who has qualified for the registration, regardless of any assignment to a business concern.
   (d)   A demolition contractor registration may be renewed at any time during the ninety (90) calendar days prior to its expiration date; however, such early renewal shall comply with all the requirements for such renewal.
   (e)   A person whose contractor registration has expired shall not perform any work governed by this Code until the Building Division issues a renewal of the demolition contractor registration; nor shall the Building Division issue a permit to a registrant with an expired demolition contractor registration. A late fee as prescribed by the fee schedule shall be added to the renewal fee if the Building Division, after the date of expiration of the contractor registration, receives the application for renewal.
   (f)   A registered demolition contractor or his or her registered demolition contractor business, which fails to correct work, which does not comply with this building code, shall be denied the renewal of his or her demolition contractor registration until compliance with this building code shall have been secured.
(Ord. C33-02.  Passed 4-15-02.)